2017 Official San Antonio River Walk Fiesta Medals

SA River Walk

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2017 Official San Antonio River Walk Fiesta Medals

Viva Fiesta! It's a San Antonio tradition as we gear up for April of every year!

According to Henry Graham’s “History of the Texas Cavaliers,” the Fiesta medal as we know it today actually traces its roots back to 1946, when King Antonio first handed out commemorative coins at River Parades and other Fiesta events.

About 15 years later, Joske’s department store started giving out commemorative cardboard holders for the coins. Soon, school kids were wearing those coins as badges.

Then an industrious Cavalier took such creativity into his own hands and gave birth to a shiny new tradition. In 1971, King Antonio XLIX Charles G. Orsinger issued what was considered the first official Fiesta medal.

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